Saturday, August 3, 2013

how to make homemade blackhead Remover


how to make homemade blackhead Remover

Blackheads is unpleasant and intensely troublesome to get rid of if they're set deep within the skin tissue. However, there area unit easy ways in which to treat this condition. you'll create a natural mar remover that does not use any harsh chemicals which can more irritate your skin.

Things you will need, Blender, Bowls, Rice, Milk, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Cinnamon, Potatoes, Fenugreek leaves, Coriander, Turmeric, Oatmeal, Rose water, Baking soda, Honey

Soak rice in milk for five hours and so grind this during a liquidiser till it's paste-like in consistency. Use the paste as a scrub on affected areas of the body.

Use juice and rub it on the blackheads some times on a daily basis. you'll conjointly use equal components of juice and cinnamon powder and apply this mixture to blackheads. Leave it on nightlong and rinse it off within the morning.

Make a homemade  mar remover by grating raw potatoes and so rub the world with the mixture. Wash it off once quarter-hour.

Form a paste with some crushed fenugreek leaves and water. place this on the face for quarter-hour and so take away it. try this nightly to stay your face freed from blackheads.

Combine some coriander leaves and slightly turmeric powder with water and type a paste. Use this as a mask to eliminate blackheads.

Grind oatmeal into a powder during a liquidiser and so add some essence. Use this on affected areas for quarter-hour and so wash it off with cold water.

Prepare a mix of equal components of sodium bicarbonate and water and rub it onto your face or different body areas susceptible to blackheads. Leave it on for quarter-hour and so rinse it off with heat water. Honey is additionally smart for removing blackheads. unfold honey on the affected space and take away it once quarter-hour.


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