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7 Lifestyle Mistakes That Make You Look Older

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Time is irreversible and can leave scars on your body prematurely. Therefore, if you are not careful enough about what you eat and your lifestyle choices you run the risk of aging yourself. Following the tips presented in the following lines, will help you reduce the effects of time and look younger without too much effort.

1.Don't Over Eat

It is true that the desserts are absolutely delicious, but it is equally true that excess sugar causes premature wrinkles. Once in the body, sugar triggers a natural process called glycation. This is a chemical reaction similar to the one that occurs when meat is cooked and changes its color. Sugar also has an effect on collagen in tissues, causing skin to loose elasticity.

2. Make sure you are not too stressed

Most expert nutritionists agree that stress ages you prematurely, mainly because because it acts directly on telomere (DNA sequences at the ends of chromosomes). Stress affects the structure of chromosomes permanently, changing telomeres by shortening them. As a result of this process, your skin will age faster. Experts recommend yoga and meditation exercises in order to prevent this. This will help you relieve stress and have a more balanced and longer life.
3. Always choose green tea instead of coffee

Coffee and green tea are both liquids that give you energy to perform your activities every day, but if you had to choose only one of them, it would most definitely be advisable to avoid coffee. Green tea contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and protect your skin from external factors that could eventually age you.

4. Do not eat heavily processed meats and dairy products

Highly processed foods, such as meat and dairy products, will not help you look younger. Instead, they will add years to your real age. This does not happen overnight, but over time as you consume more and more such products, you will see an unpleasant change. Experts advise you to try and eat as many organic foods as possible.

5. Have enough rest

Sleep is vital in maintaining your youth and postponing the moment when your first wrinkles appear. After some studies, researchers concluded that there is an ideal range for your sleep. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, otherwise your brain will start ageing faster.

6. Cut fat, carbs and calories

When you do not follow a balanced diet, your body has to suffer, including your skin, hair and nails, but also organs like your liver and stomach. Drastically reducing calories deprives the body of certain nutrients that help cell regeneration, improve skin texture, etc. Your skin also needs essential fatty acids, which the body cannot produce on its own. A diet that eliminates fat almost entirely, on the other hand, will dry tour skin and will lead to loss of hair.

7. Eat alkaline foods

Finally, lack of alkaline foods in your diet could also lead to aging. Some of the common alkaline foods that you should consume are parsley, almonds, pears, lemons, apples, eggplant, peaches, onions, spinach, tomatoes, celery, cucumber and cauliflower.

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