Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Best Way to Change Bad Eating Habits ..

The Best Way to Change Bad Eating Habits ..
The Best Way to Change Bad Eating Habits,  Eating Habits, Change Bad Eating Habits
he best way to change your bad eating HABITS is to do it very slowly. If you try to
change everything all at once, it will seem too hard to maintain. Try changing one
thing at a time.
For example, perhaps you like a morning cappuccino. Decide to stop drinking
your morning cappuccino and drink bottled water instead. Don’t change anything
else about your eating habits until you feel totally comfortable about that dietary
Then move on to something else, like healthy snacks. Instead of that chocolate
energy bar, pack a piece of fruit and a small tub of yogurt. Essentially fruit is
natures snack food, it’s also cheaper.
Once you’re comfortable with this change, and then move onto something else.
You get the picture. When you’ve got your diet sorted out, then you can move on
to getting some exercise into your lifestyle.

So it doesn’t have to be an abrupt change you just need to understand more
about what you are eating and what the energy value is and the nutrient value of
the foods you are consuming, and make slow but sure changes to your lifestyle.

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