Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two Trends to Try: Bellyfit and Aero Jump


 Have fun and get in shape with these two popular exercise styles. Find out what you are missing out on.
The difference with Bellyfit over other programs is it joins body, mind and spirit together in your workouts. This is a combination of ancient and modern practices incorporating power, balance and wisdom. It’s not just a workout as you will find out. Bellyfit was designed by women who want to change the image of what beauty really is. These will be very effective movements which as enjoyable to do.
Aero Jump
Aero was created by Michael Olajide, Jr., who is a boxing champion. You will find these workouts with your jump rope to be some of the best workouts you have ever done. You no longer need a treadmill or a cross trainer to get your cardio on. You will leave all the behind you and just pick up your rope and get in the best shape of your life. Jumping rope works every muscle in your body giving you the best results. This workout program has been popular since 1991 and now it’s time you tried it!


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