Sunday, January 5, 2014

What’s Your Excuse?


An English author once noted – If it matters, it produces controversy. Maria Kang, a California fitness enthusiast and mom to three, has created a firestorm with a recent photo that has gone viral and blowing through social media. In the photo (above), Kang is positioned above her three young boys, proudly sporting her toned and defined–mommy of three body–covered only by two pieces of micro-candy workout attire.So far, so good, right? Where’s the controversy? Inserted above the photo, Maria poses the bold, rather in-your-face question, “What’s Your Excuse?” Those three words are the heart of the controversy and have sparked an impassioned debate among armies of moms and others; on Facebook alone, more than 12,000 comments have been posted under the image. Many commenters support Kang’s style and delivery, while many others are outraged, calling her message everything from “bullying” to “fat-shaming.”


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