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The Military Diet


What is the Military Diet?

The "Military Diet" is a natural, and inexpensive diet that is chemically formulated and designed to burn fat, jump start your bodies metabolic rate and cause your body to lose weight fast! The best part about the Military diet? Is that it is practically free, it costs almost nothing, with no pills, or powders or weird supplements, with no high level of physical or strenuous workout routines, and the military diet even lets you eat VANILLA ICE CREAM! - Sounds too good to be true right?! Well it works!
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How does the Military Diet work?

The Military Diet, DietThe Military is a 3-day diet program. The diet consists of a low calorie & carbohydrate intake with a chemically formulated combination of foods which work together and jump start your metabolism and force your body to lose weight, which is what makes the diet so successful. The other part that makes the diet so successful is the fact that you only have to follow the steps in the diet plan (Described below) for 3 days a week, and that's it! The rest of the time, you can eat whatever you'd like, as long as you keep up with a high water intake and don't go too overboard on your "Cheat Days".
The great thing about the Military diet is that you can literally see the results, and fast. So it helps keep you motivated while on the diet, and keeps you staying on the diet. Overweight citizens throughout the world spend millions of dollars a year on the newest "Get Fit Quick" scams that claim to yield impossible results, which of course don't actually yield such results. (Such as the HCG Drops fad, and the newest, which is Raspberry-Keytones fad). You will be able to get on the scale, every day, or every other day, and count the pounds as they fall off. Losing weight on the Military diet is as easy as 1-2-3, and isn't complicated at all. You will be able to see, and feel the results from the Military diet after just the first week. While those other weight loss "miracles" continue to make empty promises. So don't waste your money! and check out this amazing, result driven, and proven diet below!
The Military Diet works extremely well in emergency situations; Say you are a week or so away from your high school reunion, and you want to look good for everyone to see! Or you are just about to embark on a cruise and need to lose a couple pounds to look even better in that sexy new bikini you just bought specifically for your Caribbean vacation.
On the other hand, if you follow the Military diet for a longer period than just a week or two, lets say a month. You can quite literally expect the pounds to just melt off, and expect to lose around, if not more, than 30lbs over the course of a month.

So what is in the Military diet?

What can I drink? The best thing to drink on any diet, and that doesn't change for the military diet, is water. Water is the key to losing weight. Stay away from sodas, juices, or any sugary drinks, especially energy drinks, even sugar free drinks have sugar in them, its just a different type of sugar, usually aspartame.

Coffee drinkers? - Luckily for me, this part was easy, however, if you are a coffee fanatic, stay away from adding sugar and creamer to your coffee, if you need to add sugar then add a naturally sweetener called Stevia, it is very good for you, and is very sweet so you only need to add a little to your cup. A cup of coffee has about 10-15 calories per cup, so just cut out the calories somewhere else in the diet plan if you NEED your coffee.
Below is the diet plan, this needs to be followed exactly, if you are to obtain maximum results while on the Military diet.

Day One

Breakfast (Day One)
One Cup coffee, or tea. (Black, no sugar or cream added.)
1/2 Grapefruit (Medium sized).
One slice of whole wheat bread, or toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Lunch (Day One)
One cup of Coffee or Tea (Black, No sugar or cream added.)
One slice of whole wheat bread or toast.
1/2 cup of canned tuna.

Dinner (Day One)
3oz of ANY kind of meat. (The leaner the better)
1 Cup of green beans.
1 Small apple.
1/2 banana.
1 Cup vanilla ice cream (Yes, really, ice cream!)

Day Two

Breakfast (Day Two)
1/2 Banana.
1 Slice of whole wheat bread or toast.
1 Egg (Cooked however you'd like).

Lunch (Day Two)
1 Cup of cottage cheese.
1 Hard boiled egg.
5 Saltine crackers.

Dinner (Day Two)
2 Hot dogs.
1 Cup of broccoli.
1/2 Cup of carrots.
1/2 Bannana.
1/2 Cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day Three

Breakfast (Day Three)
1 Small apple.
1 Slice of cheddar.
5 Saltine crackers.

Lunch (Day Three)
1 Slice of whole wheat bread or toast.
1 Egg (Cooked however you'd like.)

Dinner (Day Three)
1 Cup of Tuna.
1/2 Banana.
1 Cup vanilla ice cream.
The Military Diet, Diet

One last thing..

This diet is extremely easy to follow, however at times, it may be extremely temping to "just have only one cookie" or cheat a little. This diet WILL work, but dedication on your part is the key factor. Remember, its only 3 days out of the week, the rest of the week you are free to do as you wish, it is best to follow this diet plan for at least a month and on your cheating days, stick with the program, but allow yourself to eat what you'd like. Now, that doesn't mean go crazy and eat an entire pizza and a 2-litre bottle of soda, you definitely won't lose weight that way. Stick to drinking water, as it will constantly flush your system.
Good luck! and remember, dedication is the key to success for the military diet!

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